our “why”

written by the owners, Teagan & Ben.

As a bit of an insight as to who we are & our background, my name is Teagan & my partners name is Ben. We are both extremely passionate, driven individuals & having my own cafe has always been such a big dream of mine since I was quite young. I’ve been in the hospitality industry for a total of 5 years, my very first job was at a diner at the age of 14, I haven’t always worked in hospitality, I was a travel agent for a while, a wedding ceremony decorator, & even a Bunnings gal. Ben is a builder, he’s a Carpenter by trade & has been in the building industry for about 10 years. He has been running his own business for just over 2 years, and together, we thought it was the right time to bring both of our passions and industry knowledge together to create and build something we can both be proud of, which we did in just a couple of months ourselves.

As locals, we have identified that Byford and the surrounds needs a new, healthy, wholesome cafe whether it be to grab a coffee & something quick & easy on the go, or to come in just relax. Our goal is to cater for everyone, and create a space where anyone can come to hang out. To have a variety of all types of food with the strong focus on clean eating, however we still have some of the absolute classics on our menu such as juicy beef burgers, bagels, nachos, eggs benny etc. so please don’t think we ONLY do health food, because by no means is that the case as we completely understand life is all about BALANCE. We would absolutely love for you to come and check us out, have a coffee, try something new on the menu, get comfortable, bring your friends/family and just genuinely have a good time with us. Your support means more than you could ever imagine. We can not wait to meet you all.

With love & gratitude,

T & B x

F I G  &  I V Y  cafe.

We are a local cafe just off South Western Highway, providing wholesome foods, specialty coffee, fresh beverages and plenty of GF, DF & vegan options for everyone without sacrificing the taste and flavours of the beautiful dishes we have created. We use as many local business's as we can to help support the community as we ourselves are a young local Byford couple that exist to create an experience where passion and purpose come together to provide only the cosiest, most welcoming environment where you will always be greeted with a smile & anyone can come in & have a bite to eat, a coffee, or even just to say g'day.


34 Abernethy Road Byford, WA 6122




Monday- Friday 7am-3pm
Saturday - Sunday 7am-2pm